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A Mid-Upper Palaeolithic human humerus from Eel Point, South Wales, UK
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Ancient genomes indicate population replacement in Early Neolithic Britain
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Assessing the Geochemistry of Possible Inorganic Applied Pigments within Cathole Cave, Gower Peninsula, South Wales
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Discovery, nature and preliminary thoughts about Britain's first cave art
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Fissure fills along faults; Variscan examples from Gower, South Wales
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Further Possible Discoveries of Engravings Within Cathole Cave
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More dating evidence for human remains in British caves - short
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Non-Passerine Birds of the Ipswichian Interglacial from the Gower Caves
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On the crania of ancient races of man
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On the ossiferous caves of the Peninsula of Gower, In Glamorganshire, South Wales
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Parc le breos, Gower, transepted long cairn, west Glamorgan - date, contents and context
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Personal Ornaments in the Early Upper Palaeolithic of Western Eurasia - An Evaluation of the Record
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Radiocarbon Dates from the Oxford AMS System Archaeometry Datelst 18
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Radiocarbon Dates from the Oxford AMS System Archaeometry Datelst 22
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Radiocarbon Dates from the Oxford AMS System Archaeometry Datelst 26
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Radiocarbon Dates from the Oxford AMS System Archaeometry Datelst 4
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Radiocarbon dating of Mesolithic human remains in Great Britain
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Radiocarbon Dating the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Transition - The Demise of the Last Neanderthals and the First Appearance of Anatomically Modern Humans in Europe
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Re-assessment of the age and depositional origin of the Paviland Moraine, Gower, South Wales, UK
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Rolling Out Revolution Using Radiocarbon Dating in Archaeology
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Strontium Isotopes from the Earth to the Archaeological Skeleton - a Review
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The archaeology of Britain’s first Modern Humans
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