Site Name
Bacon Hole
Gower Region
South Mid-Gower



8K6A0992 Bacon Hole - cliff location_w.jpg

Entrance Height (m)
Entrance Width (m)
Type of Cave
Archaeological, Palaeontological



Ivory, Pottery
Time Period-Culture
Badger - Meles meles, Brown Bear - Ursus arctos, Cave Bear - Ursus spelauys, Fox - Vulpes vulpes, Hyaena - Crocuta crocuta, Polecat - Putorius putorius, Wolf - Canis lupus, Bison - Bison priscus, Red Deer - Cervus elaphus, Reindeer - Rangifer tarundus, Roe Deer - Capreolus capreolus, Soft-nosed Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros hemitoechus, Wild Ox - Bos primegenius, Wild Pig - Sus scrofa, Straight-tusked Elephant - Elephas antiquus, Water Vole - Arvicola amphibius







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