The Humans Who Went Extinct: Why Neanderthals died out and we survived

by Clive Finlayson [OUP Oxford]
Rank/Rating: 276561/-
Price: £8.78

Human Origins: A Ladybird Expert Book

by Dr Alice Roberts [Michael Joseph]
Rank/Rating: 1024516/-
Price: £7.99

Human Origins: How Diet, Climate and Landscape Shaped Us

by John Compton [Earthspun Books]
Rank/Rating: 487792/-
Price: £3.95

Science and Human Origins

by Ann Gauger [Discovery Institute]
Rank/Rating: 636752/-
Price: £9.58

Neanderthal: Neanderthal Man and the Story of Human Origins

by Paul Jordan [The History Press]
Rank/Rating: 355356/-
Price: £8.00

Human Origins: 7 million years and counting (New Scientist Instant Expert)

by New Scientist [John Murray Learning]
Rank/Rating: 96529/-
Price: £11.34

The Origins of the British: The New Prehistory of Britain: A Genetic Detective Story

by Stephen Oppenheimer [Robinson]
Rank/Rating: 22465/-
Price: £5.23

Out of Eden: The Peopling of the World

by Stephen Oppenheimer [Robinson]
Rank/Rating: 27312/-
Price: £12.99

The Palaeolithic Origins of Human Burial

by Paul Pettitt [Routledge]
Rank/Rating: 226681/-
Price: £28.99

In Search of the Neanderthals: Solving the Puzzle of Human Origins

by Chris Stringer [Thames & Hudson Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 316793/-
Price: £45.91

The Prehistory of Music: Human Evolution, Archaeology, and the Origins of Musicality

by Iain Morley [OUP Oxford]
Rank/Rating: 1453715/-
Price: £63.68

The Singing Neanderthals: The Origins of Music, Language, Mind and Body

by Prof Steven Mithen [W&N]
Rank/Rating: 102209/-
Price: £13.16

The Last Lost World: Ice Ages, Human Origins, and the Invention of the Pleistocene

by Lydia Pyne [Penguin Books]
Rank/Rating: 1440066/-
Price: £12.89

Missing Links: In Search of Human Origins

by John Reader [OUP Oxford]
Rank/Rating: 862237/-
Price: £25.00

The Wisdom of Bones: In Search of Human Origins

by Alan Walker [W&N]
Rank/Rating: 411375/-
Price: £22.04

The Scars of Evolution: What Our Bodies Tell Us About Human Origins

by Elaine Morgan [Souvenir Press Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 599842/-
Price: £16.99

Origins: Human Evolution Revealed

by Dr Douglas Palmer [Mitchell Beazley]
Rank/Rating: 581023/-
Price: £36.75

Lucy's Legacy: The Quest for Human Origins

by Donald C. Johanson [Harmony]
Rank/Rating: 882232/-
Price: £11.06

Evolution The Human Story

by Alice Roberts [DK]
Rank/Rating: 229874/-
Price: £18.47

The Complete World of Human Evolution

by Chris Stringer [Thames and Hudson Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 305459/-
Price: £16.95

Human Evolution: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

by Bernard Wood [OUP Oxford]
Rank/Rating: 47067/-
Price: £6.98

Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

by Rob Dinnis [The Natural History Museum]
Rank/Rating: 22604/-
Price: £9.68

HOMO BRITANNICUS: The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain

by Chris Stringer [Allen Lane]
Rank/Rating: 411632/-
Price: £25.00

The Incredible Human Journey

by Alice Roberts [Bloomsbury Publishing PLC]
Rank/Rating: 124396/-
Price: £12.18

The Incredible Human Journey

by Dr. Alice Roberts [Bloomsbury Publishing PLC]
Rank/Rating: 346624/-
Price: £208.66

The Origin of Our Species

by Chris Stringer [Penguin]
Rank/Rating: 79666/-
Price: £8.76

by - [-]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: -