The Handbook of British Archaeology

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Archaeology Essentials: Theories, Methods, and Practice (Second Edition)

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Star Carr: Life in Britain after the Ice Age

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Pottery in Britain 4000 BC to AD 1900

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Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice. Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn

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Archaeoacoustics: The Archaeology of Sound: Publication of Proceedings from the 2014 Conference in Malta

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Archaeoacoustics (McDonald Institute Monographs)

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Archaeology: An Introduction

by Kevin Greene [Routledge]
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Environmental Archaeology: Principles and Methods

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The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers (Oxford Handbooks)

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The Archaeology of Caves in Ireland

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Human Remains in Archaeology: A Handbook (CBA Practical Handbook)

by Charlotte Roberts [Council for British Archaeology]
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A Practical Handbook of Archaeology: A Beginner's Guide to Unearthing the Past

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The Archaeology Coursebook: An Introduction to Themes, Sites, Methods and Skills

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Pottery in Archaeology (Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology)

by Clive Orton [Cambridge University Press]
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Landscape Archaeology and GIS

by Henry Chapman [Tempus]
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Forensic Archaeology Advances in Theory and Practice

by Margaret Cox [Routledge]
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Quantifying Archaeology

by Stephen Shennan [University of Iowa Press]
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Science-Based Dating in Archaeology (Longman Archaeology Series)

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The Palaeolithic Origins of Human Burial

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Human Evolution, Diet and Health: The Case for Palaeolithic Nutrition

by Mark Hines [Healthy Body Publishing]
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The British Lower Palaeolithic: Stones in Contention

by John McNabb [Routledge]
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Neolithic Britain (Shire Archaeology)

by Joshua Pollard [Shire Publications]
Rank/Rating: 4310328/-
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Rank/Rating: 14567652/-
Price: $0.50

Mesolithic Britain (Shire archaeology series)

by John Wymer [Shire Publications Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 5134880/-
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Human Bones in Archaeology (Shire Archaeology)

by Ann Stirland [Shire Publications]
Rank/Rating: 3360639/-
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Prehistoric Flint Mines (Shire Archaeology)

by Robin Holgate [Shire Publications Ltd.]
Rank/Rating: 5958441/-
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Teaching Archaeology in Schools (Shire Archaeology Series No. 29)

by James Dyer [Shire Pubns]
Rank/Rating: 17196010/-
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Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual (Shire Archaeology)

by Aubrey Burl [Shire Publications]
Rank/Rating: 3138009/-
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Animal Remains in Archaeology (Shire archaeology series)

by Rosemary-Margaret Luff [Shire Publications Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 13407766/-
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Bronze Age Metalwork in England and Wales (Shire archaeology)

by Nancy Langmaid [Shire Publications Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 16034301/-
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Bronze Age Copper Mining in Britain and Ireland (Shire Archaeology)

by William O'Brien [Shire Pubns]
Rank/Rating: 4739218/-
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Wood in Archaeology (Shire archaeology series)

by Maisie Taylor [Shire Publications Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 17434302/-
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Cave Art (Shire Archaeology)

by Andrew J. Lawson [Shire Publications]
Rank/Rating: 7100723/-
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Later Stone Implements (Shire archaeology)

by Michael W. Pitts [Shire Publications Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 14970813/-
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Flint Implements of the Stone Age

by Peter Timms [Shire Archaeology]
Rank/Rating: 12933813/-
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The Archaeology of Human Bones

by Simon Mays [Routledge]
Rank/Rating: 345573/-
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The Archaeology of Animal Bones

by Terry O'Connor [Sutton Publishing Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 13148406/-
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The Human Bone Manual

by Tim D. White [Academic Press]
Rank/Rating: 23984/-
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